SolMeet | Solana Developer Workshops [ENGLISH]
SolMeet | Solana Developer Workshops [ENGLISH]

SolMeet | Solana Developer Workshops [ENGLISH]

We are believers in Solana network, high performance makes lots of applications realizable. We are building a strong Dev community in Taiwan by sharing development tips and tools at every SolMeet meetup.

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[11/24] SolMeet #14 - A Complete Guide to Implement an Adapter of on-chain Program for Universal Rabbit Hole

One of the challenges people often talk about when it comes to Solana is its composability. While some programs are open source, majority aren’t, making it almost impossible to build projects on Solana with mass adoption potential. Interacting with DeFi or NFTs on Solana shouldn’t be hard, which is why Dappio created the Universal Rabbit Hole.

Dappio is dedicated to making Solana easy and bringing top developers into the Solana ecosystem. Our Universal Rabbit Hole provides developers with a plug-and-play framework “gateway” for a basket of Dapps. Versatile enough to accommodate Farm, Vault, money market, and other DeFi needs, Universal Rabbit Hole empowers users to build their ideal projects on Solana.

In this talk, we will explain what is Universal Rabbit Hole and why is it necessary by walking through the process of implementing an on-chain adapter program and off-chain adapter instance, using Genopets staking program as an example.


  • Wei | Developer @ Dappio Wonderland
  • Emerson | Developer @ Dappio Wonderland

This is an in-person event for developers.


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How do I start building on Solana?

We recommend reading through our SolMeet notes from lesson 1 onwards. In our notes are how to write a Rust program, mint NFTs, integrate AMM pools, and more. We have both notes, youtube courses, and free in-person classes.

Why should I join the community?

The fastest way to solve any questions you have is searching through our past discussions or simply asking for help in the community! Join our Telegram group for most recent updates.


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Evernew Capital is an investment fund backing preseed and seed crypto companies and protocols.


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Dappio is your one-stop access to everything you need in Solana, including DeFi, GameFi, and NFTs



SolanaTW is the largest Solana community in Taiwan. Sharing everything about Solana including news, projects, tech, meme, etc. Newbie friendly!



Genopets is the first move-to-earn NFT game. Built on Solana it features NFTs that evolve along with your fitness journey.


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